We provide caring, personal legal services in the areas of
Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estates, Trusts and Real Estate Sales, 
with a special focus on individuals with disabilities.

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At Neff Lafreniere Estate Law, we are proud of our service approach and how we are unique in the industry. In surveys, our clients describe us as “matter-of-fact, down-to-earth, practical and pragmatic”. Others say we are “really able to listen, interpret what is said, and recommend what is best in a straightforward and focused way”. We have also been told we are our client’s “preferred alternative to the big ‘steel and glass’ law firms”.

We take that as a compliment.


Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about providing solutions that are timely and responsive to our clients’ needs.

Our clients’ on-going peace of mind is achieved with dignity and compassion.

Through trust, honesty and a commitment to excellence, we develop long-term relationships.

Services Overview

Services for Clients Interested in Estate Planning

  • Preparing and Updating Wills
  • Tax Planning and Estate Trusts
  • Preparing and Updating Powers of Attorney (POA) and Living Wills
  • Business Succession Planning 

Services for Estate Executors and Trustees of Trusts

  • Probate
  • Avoiding Probate
  • Estate or Trust Administration
  • Estate Accounting
  • Passing of Accounts of Executor or Trustee 

Notarizing or Commissioning Documents

  • Notary Public and a Commissioner of Oaths

Services for Those Acting under Power of Attorney (POA) or Guardianship

  • POA/Guardianship Accounting
  • Passing of Accounts of Attorney/Guardian

Services for Potential Guardians of Individuals with Disabilities

  • Guardianship Applications
  • Transfer of Statutory Guardianship

Services for Those Who Own Real Estate

  • Sale of Property
  • Title Changes
  • Survivorship Application
  • Transmission Application


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